Friday, March 11, 2011

Pittsburgh - Public Transit is the way to a Green City

What we're Facing

The Port Authority faces an unprecedented 47.1 million dollar financial shortfall due to insufficient state and federal funding – a result of the economic crisis caused by the greed of Wall Street banks. The Port Authority proposes a 35 percent cut in all transit service, layoffs of at least 500 unionized workers, fare increases of between 25 cents and 2 dollars, and the complete elimination of service to more than 50 communities. This will be a crippling blow to Pittsburgh and our region, with disastrous consequences for tens of thousands of working people, commuters, students, youth, people with disabilities, and senior citizens!

Why this Matters

Public transit is a vital service that many workers, commuters, unemployed and low-income people, students, youth, people with disabilities, and seniors depend upon in their daily lives. The Port Authority records indicate that an average of 225,000 people use their transit service every day, with more than 67 million riders annually. Over fifty percent of those passengers are commuting to work, fifteen percent to school, and nearly six percent to medical appointments. Mass transit is often one of the few safe, affordable, and reliable transportation options for seniors, the disabled, and young, many of whom are unable to drive. PAAC found in a survey that “Of current transit riders, more than 20 percent would not have made the trip without transit, and nearly 70 percent do not have access to cars at the time their trip is made. One-third have yearly household incomes below $15,000 – well below $17,600, the poverty level for a family of four in 2000.” The proposed cuts and fare increases would penalize those most in need of their service, specifically working and low-income people. PAAC warns that 90+ communities in Allegheny County will have limited to no service by January 2011 if they do not find a dedicated source of funding.

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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

CATA may go fare free - Local | Centre Daily Times - State College, PA | Penn State, Nittany Lions, weather, news, jobs, homes, apartments, real estate

CATA may go fare free - Local | Centre Daily Times - State College, PA | Penn State, Nittany Lions, weather, news, jobs, homes, apartments, real estate: "Future Centre County bus riders may have the option of showing identification instead of fumbling for change each time they board the bus.
A rider boards a CATA bus along College Avenue. CDT/Christopher Weddle

A state-funded study set to start later this year will analyze the universal access concept, which allows mass transit users to ride without paying a fare at that time."

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Keep advocating public transit until you are blue in the face

Until we’re “Blue in the Face” | Public Transit 4 Pittsburgh: "That’s right. You’ve seen him in the news, and if you haven’t you probably have heard about it by now. County Councilman Nick Futules is trying to put a halt to the upcoming Port Authority route cuts and layoffs planned for later this month. Councilman Futules represents District 7, which includes the area surrounding the Harmar garage that would close under the Port Authority plans."