Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Port Authority gets sponsors for free North Shore subway rides

Port Authority gets sponsors for free North Shore subway rides: "Rides on at least part of the Port Authority's new North Shore Connector subway extension will be free, under a deal announced today.

The Stadium Authority and Alco Parking, which controls or manages most of the North Shore parking, would pay the transit agency an annual lump sum to underwrite free service between Downtown and the new North Side station, situated next to PNC Park."

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Saturday, December 17, 2011

The evil plan is working

Anything but the car: The evil plan is working: "Once complete, one more pen stroke will effect an ownership transfer to private hands, and the deep-pocketed puppeteers will get what they have always wanted: Total control of all existing public transit in metro Pittsburgh. They will pay its non-union drivers miserable wages with shoddy benefits, charge you $5 to ride, and expect you to say "thank you very much" for rescuing them from the horror they have painted Port Authority."

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