Wednesday, January 25, 2012

PPT Strategic Planning Meeting!

PPT Strategic Planning Meeting!: " Transit riders and workers in Allegheny Country are once again faced with a crippling 35% service cut, fare hikes, and the loss of more than 500 good union jobs. We have no option but to organize and fight back. Join PPT this Sunday to help us chart a course for the next 9 months of this struggle, which will determine the fate of public transportation in Pittsburgh and Allegheny County."

8:30am until 10:00am  

345 6th Avenue Downtown Pittsburgh

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Occupy Pittsburgh Demands Affordable and Reliable Public Transportation | Occupy Pittsburgh

Occupy Pittsburgh Demands Affordable and Reliable Public Transportation | Occupy Pittsburgh: "Occupy Pittsburgh will be working to promote public education and awareness on this issue, for we believe that public transit is a human right! We will be organizing in communities, at bus stops, and on threatened bus routes to encourage participation in the public discussion period and the February 29 Port Authority public hearing at the David Lawrence Convention Center. Our occupation is about changing public policy discussions to bring the interests of the 99% to the table!"

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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Message from PA Governor: Fracking, good. #Transit, bad.

Town and Country Transit ridership is up for the second quarter in a row compared to last year. Nonetheless, General Manager Patti Lynn Baker said the organization needs to prepare to work with less money next year.
Baker said at Wednesday's TACT authority meeting that expected funding for this year is in a good place, but the cash flow is sluggish and the outlook for 2012-13 is even more foreboding.
"It's kind of making things a little bit difficult (as) daily operations go," she said. "Things are a little rocky as far as cash flow coming in, but the money is all there as far as all the grant money."
She expects the situation to turn around in the next few months, but said representatives for PennDOT have warned her to prepare for less funding next year.

Read more: Town and Country Transit sees ridership increase - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Hanna, Frankel introduce state transportation funding plan -- 1-4-12

Hanna, Frankel introduce state transportation funding plan -- 1-4-12: ""Mass transit is a critical component of our transportation network,” said Frankel, D-Allegheny. "A well-functioning public transit system creates vibrant cities, takes cars off the roads, and gives freedom of movement to all our residents who can’t drive.

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