Monday, September 19, 2016

Join the war on cars

If you agree that the private auto, whether electric or not, is a threat to the climate, the economy, and human life, you should join us.

Making urban buses fare-free is the most direct path to breaking the critical mass of the auto. It is because of no alternatives to the car that people support its constant subsidy in millions of dollars for roads and other infrastructure.

We need soldiers familiar with SW Pennsylvania. Take charge of the blog and promote fare-free urban public transit. Remain anonymous. No pay, no boss, no commitment. Social media skills helpful, but not crucial. Contact fpteditors at gmail.

About the campaign for free public transit/transport.

This blog is one of a network of 40 blogs in US with a combined readership of about 1000/day. We are connected loosely with activists in 16 countries in an international campaign that has seen thousands in the streets in Brazil to a campaign in Poland that converted many small towns. We collect ideas, facts, and opinion and fight the lies of the pro-car forces.

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